Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What We've Learned/Changes to Make

What We've Learned

  • People can figure out what the company is from just looking at the site, but it took our first tester a little bit of time to figure it out.
  • People don't like too much content
  • Nearly everyone went to the FAQs page, but it wasn't always their first choice when they had a specific question
  • Complained about choice of photos and photo size
  • Most went to services, but were unsure in how content they were with the info provided
  • When looking at services, everyone had no idea until what they were looking for until they read all of the text. 
    • understood "proactive" and "reactive" but there were no true texts they could just glance at and understand what the text pertains to
Changes to Make
  • More pictures and captions of Marley sniffing bugs at home
  • Narrow down the wording on some of the pages including the homepage so its easier to read quickly on what they do
  • Make sure images pertain to question asked and make them big enough
  • Rethink how to organize the services
  • Get text down to short points, leave details for FAQs/videos

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wireframe 3.0

This is the color scheme we are going with.

Field Trip!

Chase Field Trip

Our team really enjoyed getting the inside scoop on how Chase operates.  It was crazy to see just how many people work in that building and we barely scratched the surface.  It was also really interesting to hear how many times your team has moved throughout the building because at smaller companies it seems like the only time you move is when you're getting promoted to a better office/cubicle.  All the extra amenities in the building were really nice along the "main strip" with the cafeterias, convenience store, dry cleaners and Starbucks, although that last one might be a little dangerous for coffee addicts.  Vanessa can personally relate to the tight parking situation because parking at OSU is generally a nightmare during the day.

We learned a lot from your resident ethnographer, you could really tell that she enjoyed her job.  Since we did some research for this class, it was interesting to hear about the different methods your team uses to collect data and how you problem solve.  Her recommendation to have a note taker with you while you conduct the research is a good one.  When we did our in-depth interviews earlier in the semester, it was hard to listen what the respondent was saying and take notes at the same time.  If we ever have to collect more data in the future, we'll definitely take that into consideration!

Identity Strategy

Identity Strategy

Business Name
Four Paws K9 Detection LLC
The biggest problem with their current business name is that it doesn’t tell the customer what they do.  By simply swapping “K9” with “Bed Bug”, you remove any confusion with what the company does. 
Four Paws Bed Bug Detection

Site Tagline
With the new business name, a tagline isn’t exactly necessary, as “Bed Bug Detection” should adequately describe the companies purpose.

We like the current logo, however it has the same problem as the current business name, in that it doesn’t accurately show what the business does.  If we simply add a bed bug into the middle of the paw print, we show that the company uses a dog to find bed bugs.

The current domain name is way too long, making it hard for people to remember when trying to find the site.  However, it is tough to shorten the URL, as it perfectly describes their company.  In the end, we decided to go with www.fourpawsbbd.com, as it is short and has the acronym for Bed Bug Detection.


None, or Four Paws Bed Bug Detection.  Use it as a way to interact with customers and answer any questions.


Use the youtube account to upload informational videos about bed bugs, how they work, and any other relevant information to the company.

Yelp/Angie’s list
Have a presence on Yelp and Angie’s List, as many people look for businesses using these services.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012